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A Cheesehead "STATE" of Mind

Be a Cheesehead no matter what 'STATE' you live in and show support for your favorite professional Wisconsin football team ..... The GREEN BAY PACKERS

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You are still a CHEESEHEAD no matter where you live

How we came to be .......... Florida Tranplants with wisconsin roots

Cheesehead STATE of Mind

CHEESEHEADS are everywhere. We run into Green Bay Packer, Milwaukee Brewer and Wisconsin Badger fans all the time at Disney World in Orlando. Quite often we get a chance to chat with them and we always ask them where they are from, especially the Packer fans. Sometimes they are from Wisconsin, as we are, but just as often they are from other parts of the country. So we came up with this idea of combining the Packer/Wisconsin Cheesehead affiliation with a way to showcase your local pride... hence the CHEESEHEAD STATE OF MIND catch phrase. So no matter what STATE in the country you live in, you can proudly display your Cheesehead roots.  

Thanks for shopping and sharing ... Jain and Jim